Very Fine Crystals & Stones
To Bring Beauty, Nature and Light, Inspiration and Transformation

Crystals are exquisitely beautiful treasures, created by the earth and the elements millions of years ago. The magnificent crystals in this gallery have been cut, polished, based and illuminated by master artists to showcase and enhance their natural beauty and to accentuate their vibrational frequency. Wherever these beautiful illuminated crystals are placed, they create a sense of nature, sanctuary, serenity, inspiration, and clarity. I am in awe and wonder at the way these gem crystals are able to energetically transform any space they inhabit into a beautiful oasis.

Crystals each have their own unique vibrational frequency – similar to other living beings. One of my gifts is sensing the vibration of the crystals and selecting crystals that hold an extraordinarily high vibrational frequency of love, light, tranquility and joy. If the crystals you seek are for beauty, healing, connection with nature, or expansion of consciousness, these crystals will provide the gateway.

Looking for a specific crystal not shown in this gallery? The Crystal Woman team has a deep reverence and love for these magnificent gem stones and can be commissioned to locate the crystal or crystals you are seeking. Throughout the ages, crystals have been used to create beautiful sacred, meditative and inspirational spaces that can be supportive and transformative. I am talented in creating these spaces and balancing the vibratory frequency of the crystals perfectly.

Please contact me with any questions regarding the crystals, search or space creation services, or pricing. It will be a joy to assist you on your crystal quest.

Linda (Surya) Breitstone


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Bringing a crystal from Surya's collection into your home is like living with an enlightened being.

Kristin Kirk

A few years ago Linda Breitstone invited me to a meditation with her amazing crystals. Each time the high frequency of love and pure joy I feel from the crystals has given me a great healing. I will always be so very grateful to Linda and the crystals.

Susan Devasher

My heart feels joyful and my mind calm and refreshed after meditating with Linda's exquisite crystals.


Meditating with Linda's crystals is like a peaceful opening of consciousness.


A few minutes into meditating with Linda's exquisite and large crystals, I could feel a clear and rich current building in the room and as we continued to concentrate in meditation I could feel myself going very deep within my being, held in the energy of the crystals.

Nathan Garnett